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ICT for ageing well.


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    The ExCITE project methodology is highly inspired by a user-centric approach used for prototyping, validating and refining a solution in both multiple and evolving real contexts. In order for the results of the evaluations to be significant, prototype deployment must consider a large scale and a longitudinal perspective.

    This is possible in ExCITE because (1) a Giraff prototype designed to accommodate future needs already exists, (2) the members in the ExCITE project are geographically distributed in Italy, Spain and Sweden and (3) the end-user participation is closely tied to the consortium and project activities. Healthy adult volunteers have been selected at different end-user test sites. Each end-user site has received a prototype to be tried and used for a period of time (up to 1 year). Currently test sites are on-going and the Giraff has already been improved technically and in user interface to address the challenges encountered. Feedback shows a very positive response from the elderly and their families and outlines the challenges in penetrating the organisations.





    The main objective of ExCITE is to evaluate user requirements for social interaction, that enable embodiment through robotic telepresence. This evaluation is performed on a Pan­-European scale and with a longitudinal perspective. An existing prototype is deployed towards the targeted end-users, and is refined by tightly involving the users in the development cycles of the prototype throughout the project.

    The technology used in the evaluation, is called the Giraff robot, a telepresence device that allows anyone – professional caregivers, family and friends to virtually visit a home, move about freely and communicate with residents via videoconferencing technology.



    Expected results and impact:

    The ExCITE project will achieve a breakthrough in the application of telerobotics to elderly care by developing a low-cost, easy-to-use device with practical functionality. By focusing on simple audio-visual communications via a mobile platform, the Giraff achieves practicality and a price point that enables large-scale home deployment. By focusing on the main objective of user involvement and assessment of requirements, it will also be an eminently usable device.

    Heather Nike Sportswear Legasee Carbon Leggings black The project is also expected to allow researchers in clinical and academic fields to advance their understanding of acceptable forms for social interaction in the ageing process.

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    Örebro University Academic Sweden www.oru.se/nt
    Giraff AB SME Sweden www.giraff.org
    Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche ISTC Academic Italy www.istc.cnr.it/
    RatioConsulta SpA SME Italy www.ratioconsulta.it/
    University of Malaga Academic Spain www.uma.es/
    Örebro City Council End User Sportswear Heather Carbon Leggings black Legasee Nike Sweden www.orebro.se
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    Coordinator: Silvia Cordeschi, Örebro University, Sweden

    black Sportswear Leggings Heather Legasee Carbon Nike Duration:30 Months

    Starting Date: 01 July 2010

    Total budget: € 2.853.701

    Public contribution: € 1.448.430


    Amy Loutfi
    amy .loutfi@oru.se
    Örebro Universitet 70182
    Legasee Sportswear Heather Carbon Nike Leggings black


    Leggings Heather black Legasee Nike Sportswear Carbon

    Material & care

    Outer fabric material: 57% cotton, 32% polyester, 11% elastane

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    Care instructions: Machine wash at 30°C


    Sport: Training, Running, Yoga & Pilates

    Hem: Elasticated

    Rise: High

    Pattern: Print

    Details: Elasticated waist

    Article number: NI121A062-C11

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